I occasionally receive requests to discuss my take on popular culture here at Pike’s corner. The holiday season is upon us so I set aside a couple hours to watch a seasonal comedy that came highly recommended by my cousin Billy, Four Christmases. Billy is the cut up in the family, always cracking jokes and telling stories so I know his comedic inclinations are quite reliable. I just wish people would get off his ass about the drinking though. Usually his temper isn’t too bad. That’s not entirely true, especially around the holidays but if you ever met Vinessa you’d understand.

So imagine my surprise when I put the DVD in the player and all of a sudden a bunch of Arabs are running around tripping over each other like the brown Three Stooges, cracking jokes and building bombs. Turns out the ol’ Netflix sent me something called Four Lions instead. Great. Now I’m going to be on some terror watch list AND I’m not getting to watch Reese Witherspoon cut it up.

And before you write in, yes, I did check my Queue, and I absolutely had the right movie in there, right between The Proposal (Billy) and Valentine’s Day (looked funny, lotta faces I recognize). All in all this particular assignment was a disappointment, though my enjoyment of the Arab film has caused me to reevaluate certain aspects of my life. Don’t get me wrong, still planning to pepper spray kids until their eyes bleed, but this holiday season I may just surprise Billy with my own comedic inclinations when I drop the Arab movie in his stocking 😉

That would probably backfire horribly as Billy can be a terrifying bigot with special hatred for brown people. I’ll probably stick with a traveler of Makers.

Anyways check back soon for more popular culture reviews, and as always, lifestyle, home and pest control advice.

Happy Holidays,

– Lt. John Pike


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