Kids Won’t Go To Bed On Time

Interesting points made by a reader in Ann Arbor:

Dear Lt. Pike,

My sons are 4 and 6, and have recently taken to refusing to go to bed on time. The oldest plants himself in front of the tv with arms crossed, pouting while they younger one simply imitates him (actually kind of adorable). After reading your blog, my husband and I decided to pepper spray them until their eyes bled. However, we found that pepper spraying one of them until his eyes bleed is just as effective as pepper spraying both of them until their eyes bleed, as it terrifies the other one into submission. Aside from the order this has reinstalled in our household, we are also saving money on pepper spray.

Excellent point in these trying economic times!

– Lt. John Pike


One thought on “Kids Won’t Go To Bed On Time

  1. Bryan Scandrett says:

    Pepper spray is now a vegetable – so doubly excellent parenting, but you MUST spray both!

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