Homeless Man A Real “Bum”mer

Reader CubeBro1979 writes in regarding a solution to the all-too-common homelessness problem in America’s cities:

…a homeless man recently made eye contact with my wife while touching his own genitals. I’ve seen him around. He hangs out (read: sleeps under boxes and pretends to use the pay phone- who is he kidding, really) behind our local Wendy’s. Any recommendations for keeping these quitters out of the street and getting them back to work??

CubeBro1979, I would recommend waiting for him at the pay phone then pepper spraying him until his eyes bleed.

– Lt. John Pike


One thought on “Homeless Man A Real “Bum”mer

  1. As a decorated veteran with honor, I will simply say you’re actions were that of a coward. I am ashamed to have served for people like you. Did you go home and turn on Fox after that? There was no honor in what you did. You sir are a national disgrace now. Proud?

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